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The Interactive Website

The Foundation invites you to discover the French interactive website Radio Wave in a Wireless World – Questions and Answers.


Through many interactive elements, this ludic and teaching website makes it possible to give a progress report on the electromagnetic RF waves, the services of communication that use them and their impact on our health.


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2nd Scientific meeting

On 20 and 21 October 2009, the Foundation organizes its 2nd Scientific Meeting in order to continue the dialogue begun in 2007 on the effects of the radiofrequencies on health.
This Meeting will be held in Paris at TELECOM ParisTech.


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RF and Health

This section introduces French, European, and international players as well as the key reports on the subject.


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Research : The supported projects

The Foundation’s mission is to finance epidemiological, experimental, and sociological research programs focused on "radiofrequencies and health", a priority topic on the WHO Research Agenda.


The Foundation already issued four calls for research project and selected 26 projects.


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Breaking News:
France – Final report of the round table “Radiofrequencies, Health, Environment�?
International – Start of international epidemiology study MOBI-KIDS
UE - The SCENIHR publishes its opinion on the medical impact of the exposure to fields EM
France - The AFSSET publishes its opinion on the medical impact of the RFID